12 Most Dangerous Heights Around The World, Only Daredevils Allowed

If you are bored of doing the same thing everyday. And want to give a firedose to your boring life, then we must prefer you to visit at least one of these places in your life.

Many of you might have height phobia, but always have a soft corner for these picturesque places. If you visit these places, I promise you will not be the same person after your journey. And without making you bore any more, here are the 12 most dangerous heights around the world that attracts and haunts at the same time.

12. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

via AmusingPlanet

Victoria falls, Zambia which is also known as Devil’s pool. Getting into the pool is not everyone’s cup of tea, You first need to take a rocky walk then swim in the Zambezi to reach the pool. And then the most fearless ones take that scary jump into the pool and get pushed to the edge by the flow of water. the rock lip brings them to the halt over the cliff few feet away.

11. Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

Trolltunga, Odda, Norway
via abduzeedo

Norway which is known for it’s picturesque beauty, has also some breathtaking places to visit and among those places, one is Trolltunga. This is a piece of rock peeking outside about 700 meters above the lake Ringedalsvatnet.

10. Cliff Diving, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal

Cliff Diving, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal
via Pinterest

If you love to dive from highest diving board in the swimming pool. Then this place is a must visit for you. Cliff diving is the main attraction of this place. This islet is a result of crater of an ancient submerged volcano. This place has a beach too of crystal clear water.

9. The Edgewalk, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

The Edgewalk, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
via SuitcaseAndHeels

If you really want to push your adventurous limits, then this should be in your bucket list. Let yourself free and just hang…

8. Bike Riding on the Cliffs of Moher

Bike Riding on the Cliffs of Moher
via TriggerPit

No-no-no, now this insane! The trail is just 4 inches wide with a 600ft direct drop into the North Atlantic. And the wind is so strong, can swept people off the edges in a single blow. So be careful even while imagining the whole scenario.

7. Insanity, Las Vegas

Insanity, Las Vegas
via Flickr, Chuck Healey

I think the name ‘Insanity’ perfectly suits it. Because it seems insanity when you suspended at 70 degrees above 900ft while revolving at a force of 3 ‘G’s. This mechanical arm is extended 64ft on Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas.

6. Sky Deck, Willis Tower (Sears Tower), Chicago

Sky Deck, Willis Tower (Sears Tower), Chicago
via LoopChicago

It is hard to step out into this box of glass which is extended out 4.3 feet from the sky deck and hanging at a height of 1,353 feet in the air.

5. Sky walking on Mount Nimbus, Canada

Sky walking on Mount Nimbus, Canada
via BestHike

1000m above the ground, steel rope and a 60m long suspension bridge. Isn’t feel scary, this might be the best place to show your friends how gutsy you are.

4. Portaledge Camping at Yosemite

Portaledge Camping at Yosemite
via ViralScape

If you got bored with old camping and ready to try something new and don’t care about your adrenaline. Try this, but not for faint hearted people.

3. Swing at the Edge of the World, Baños Ecuador

Swing at the Edge of the World, Baños Ecuador
via ChillHour

It’s a tree house used to monitor active volcanoes. This house has swing over the steepish mountain at a height of 100ft.

2. NatGeo Photographer Climbing Burj Khalifa

NatGeo Photographer Climbing Burj Khalifa
via BusinessInsider

When we are talking about height, how someone can skip “The Burj Khalifa”. This photograph was taken from the top of Burj Khalifa when Joe McNally, NatGeo photographer climbed to the top of Burj Khalifa for the perfect shot.

1. Heavenly Stairs of China

Heavenly Stairs of China
via AlterMinds

If you are still not mesmerized by the true beauty of nature. Then this one is for those who are hard to convinced for anything. I know many of you will definitely Google “Heavenly Stairs of China” after this post.

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