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The World has faced many ups and downs but sometimes lenses capture something which have changed the course of history. Here are some of the most powerful photos ever.

1. Tiny Victim of a Human Catastrophe | 2015

tiny victim syria crisis - the most powerful photo of 2015

This photo has turned into one of the most controversial and yet heartbreaking photos of 2015 and perhaps even the 21st century. This is a photo of a 3-year old boy from Syria named Aylin Kurdi that washed ashore on the coast of Turkey after his family was trying to escape from the turmoil in Syria.

Europe and the rest of the world have been going through an intense crisis with refugees, and this photo has been used to show the heartlessness of those who want to close up their borders from those who really need their help.

2. Crying Violin | 2009

Crying Violin

A boy named Diego became famous after a photo was taken of him while he was crying and playing at his music teacher’s funeral. His teacher, Evandro João Da Silva died in Rio De Janeiro during an assault. Diego took Silva’s death hard as it was his music teacher who helped him escaped from poverty and violence, while cultivating the child’s love for music.

3. Widow’s Closure – Clara Gantt | 2013

Widow's Closure - Clara Gantt

Clara Gantt became a widow during the Korean war after her husband Army Sgt. Joseph Gantt never came home. Six decades later, his remains finally returned home.

This heartbreaking photo of a 95-year old widow sobbing over the flag-draped casket, touched the heart of people around the world and reminded us just how strong love can be.

Clara never remarried and considers herself blessed to have stayed alive long enough to bury her husband.

4. Katherine Cathey | 2005

Katherine Cathey

Katherine Cathey’s husband James Cathey died in Iraq in August of 2005. During his deployment, she learned that she was pregnant. Heartbroken over the news, Katherine refused to leave her husband’s casket the day before he was supposed to be buried.

So the marines keeping watch made a makeshift bed for her so she could sleep next to her husband one more time. This photo goes viral repeatedly every year around memorial day and reminds everyone that not only do soldiers make sacrifices but their families does as well.

5. Falling Man | 2001

Falling Man

There were thousands of horrifying images taken during the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. but one such image would claim immortality and hit the covers of newsstands worldwide.

The image is simply called, “The Falling Man” and it was a photo taken of a man who had jumped from one of the towers of World Trade Center. Many of the jumpers had no choice, as they were dying from smoke inhalation and there was no hope of escaping as the planes blocked their exit.

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